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Attract New Clients with Google My Business

While searching around the countless name of realtors on Google, I found a very few real estate business profiles who listed their business in Google My Business.

Setting up a Google My Business account gives you the advantage over the real estate agents who don’t. If your Real estate business is listed in Google My Business, Google populates the entire search results pages with information about your company including office hours, reviews, address popular times and images. All of this information is completely editable within Google My Business portal. Not only this, you will also appear in Map search when buyers, sellers search for businesses like yours.  

[bctt tweet="Brokerage’s website appear but realtor's own
 website doesn’t come on top."]

Sometimes clients’ ask that when somebody searches his name in Google, his or her brokerage’s website appear but their own website doesn’t come on top. The popular brokerages always take advantage of this thing. Well! It doesn’t mean that your business cannot be top listed. It takes time to build momentum.

A quick win to build that momentum to drive traffic to your website: Create a Google My Business Account. Every agent wants a real estate website for the purpose to drive more visitors and generate more buyer-seller leads. With Google My Business your real estate business will appear in Google’s Local Results.

I have seen in our clients’ case who build their Google My Business listing and their website start appearing on top without their brokerage information. And the other thing I observed that you don’t have to add realtor word with their name search through sometimes names are common. So another goody! See the below picture.

See another example of a real estate agent whose business is not listed in Google My Business account. The information populates is quite irrelevant to his profile. His website doesn’t even appear on the first page.


Even if you don’t rank organically for keywords like real estate agents, you will guarantee the appearance on the first page with Google My Business. Not only that you will also appear in Google Search and Maps when someone searches for businesses like yours.

Setting up your Google My Business

It doesn’t take much time to set up Google My Business account. Google provides some easy steps to make your business live . You need to fill the basic information such as name, address, phone number and finally, it asks you to verify your business. You can verify your business by phone or by snail mail. It takes almost 10 days to receive mail from Google. Once that part is done, you can edit your business and add the necessary information.

What is necessary for you as a real estate agent to boost your visibility?


Don’t ignore the importance of your picture and your office picture. Try to use the same picture that you use a website, social media places to be consistent. Add an exterior picture of your office.  This will help potential clients find your location. Always choose your picture as a cover photo instead of your logo or office picture. Real estate always works by agent’s picture. It is easier for the buyer and sellers to identify you in person.


Reviews really matter! Start capitalizing it and ask your past clients to fairly review your business. You will not get until you ask. The click-through-rate increases by 10 folds for Google paid ads.

In the results above, the company without reviews is the least eye-catching and has few chances to get clicked in comparison to other links with 4+ reviews. Those stars really make you a star!

Monthly Google Report

This is my favorite part when at the end of each month, Google sends you an email outlining your business performance. You will see how many times you appeared in search results, how many people visited your website through your Google My Business interface and how many people clicked to call your business. Based on this data you can improve your listing results.

Now you know that listing a business in Google My Business is free and takes a few minutes to set up, there should not be any other reason to stop you from setting up. If you are looking for some guidance, please comment below what you feel about this article and we will help you setup your free Google My Business.

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