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Computer Repair

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What you can do

  • Configure the display of the products
  • Organize your products in your store
  • Configure filters, sort order and pagination of products
  • Configure your internal search engine
  • Display results with the main information about the products listed
  • Use different display mode or layered navigation

Take your store to next level - M-Commerce

“There’s an app for that” became something of a punchline following the advent of smartphones. But now it’s an m-commerce imperative. While having a mobile-ready site is essential, particularly for engaging new consumers who found you through search engine results, a standalone app allows you to create a much more robust user experience.

We develop e-commerce apps that offers more that product listings and promotions. Its interactive features entice customers to use it on a regular basis.

However you choose to develop it, the app environment grants you far more autonomy and creative flexibility than mobile sites alone.


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