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If you’re searching for a steady source of great content for your real estate website, you may be overlooking your greatest asset: Your Listings. People never tire of looking at stunning home decor pictures and descriptions of dream homes. It’s a huge opportunity for creating engaging content for your real estate blog  that people will actually find useful.

The challenge, of course, is how to turn your raw listings into bite grasping and engaging posts. Most agents think just of their latest listings while creating the post. Buyers and sellers want posts that are curetted into bite-sized bits and tailored to their personal interests.

  1. Catchy Headings: The headline you give to your post is the first impression of your post. If this clicks to your clients eyes, they will definitely go through your post. Give some nice and attractive heading to your post. A good idea is to highlight home characteristic with geographic location; e.g. Torontos Most Expensive Homes or the Highest Rated Condos in Toronto.

Keep reading to learn exactly how to create awesome real estate blog posts, including 17 titles you can steal – umm, borrow (since I didn’t invent this). Happy marketing!

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  • Largest Houses in San Francisco
  • The Best Ocean Views in Maine
  • Homes with the Largest Docks in Biscayne
  • The Most Historic Houses in Atlanta
  1. High resolution pictures to WOW!

This is where you need to concentrate the most while writing your real estate blog post. When searching your MLS for listings to use, choose only the best and biggest property photos, ditching any image that seems too small, cut off, blurry, drab, or otherwise unflattering. After all, if it doesn’t inspire you, how much do you think it will inspire a potential buyer?

“Articles with images get 94% more total views.”

  1. Your write up must target consumer niche: Content is still king when it comes to Google ranking and this is not just a point for you to write a nice content but it should focus your listings and clients you want them. A good useful content improves Google ranking of your site. The main goal is to engage your ideal market segments and potential clients.

Now that we’ve outlined what your post needs, here are some step-by-step instructions for creating it.

Sample Article with Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Add Post Title, Description, and Call to Action (CTA). Click on the picture below.

Step 2: Hyperlink Address and Image to Your Website. Click on the picture below.

Step 3: Add Final CTA at End of Post. Click on the picture below.


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