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Why Real Estate Websites don’t generate leads?
Leads, leads, leads…The most asked questions with my interaction to agents.

Every single agent I talked to so far, asked me one question, “I have a website for 5 years but I didn’t get even a single customer from it so far. It set me thinking that if a website doesn’t give any business then why should we have it? Just for sake of having it because every business needs in today’s tech-driven world can be true at some extent but I think this rule doesn’t fit to all.

To find out the reason why real estate websites don’t generate business I went through all the agents’ websites who asked me this question time and again. While viewing these websites, I found following noisy concerns which is why the websites were not generating leads.

  1. No Personal Touch: The first main concern I saw in websites was lack of personal approach. I went through almost 260 websites and I saw almost same layout with just some different colors (gaudy color choice), agent’s picture and his contact. I have seen this that mostly agents websites made by companies who ask them to choose a template with some set up and monthly fee. If they go for customized website, of course that costs more but still I saw almost same design throughout. A business should have a unique approach to its visitors in order to generate leads. Every agent has some speciality the only need is to find that and apply the same in his business. Your website is an entrance door to your business office for online community so it should be appealing.
  2. No Local Expertise: Another thing that I saw in websites is the general approach to audience. Real estate websites goes with same formula of home search tool, lead generating forms and contact information. Agents have local expertise but their specialty doesn’t reflect from their websites. No matter what, if they focus to their niche market, there are no chances that they can’t grab business from their website.
  3. Old Bogus Search Tools: Though a lot of websites are turned into mobile friendly websites and optimized as per screen size but search is still the old way. It doesn’t engage to the user if he wants to search a property. Though websites are filled with all the search tools such as neighbourhood, 360 view, property details, picture slider etc. I observed websites are all monotonous, with broken links at some places and other. Somewhere, I saw the links are going to demo sites. Quite weird!
  4. Lack of Social Media Interaction: We all shout about social media and spend some time at facebook everyday to greet friends. Real estate websites are linked to social media pages but posts at their corresponding social sites are not appropriate to the business. May be the agents don’t know how to link their social feeds to their website or maybe they are not taught or assisted how to do that, their social media pages are not subjected to their business.
  5. Lack of blog posts for listings: Having only a website is not going to work if the supporting elements are missing. A real estate business needs every shout to reach the target audience. Agents meet many people in a day but they don’t share their views and listings online. Having a dedicated blog can work wonders for building the niche market. Many agents`online appearance lacks this tool.

There are many good website out there and there are many other issues to talk about while going through the individual websites. Online presence needs time and perseverance.

If you have something that can enhance an agent’s exposure to online community, let us know and we would be adding in there.

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