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Attract New Clients with Google My Business

  While searching around the countless name of realtors on Google, I found a very few real estate business profiles who listed their business in Google My Business. Setting up a Google My Business account gives you the advantage over the real estate agents who...

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Real Estate WordPress Website

 WordPress is by far the most popular content management system and powers 31% (new percentage update) of the internet. WordPress is an open source software which can be used to create a beautiful functional website, blog or app. Somehow the real estate industry...

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Leads From Website

Why Real Estate Websites don't generate leads? Leads, leads, leads…The most asked questions with my interaction to agents. Every single agent I talked to so far, asked me one question, “I have a website for 5 years but I didn’t get even a single customer...

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How To Create Engaging Content For Your Real Estate Blog

If you’re searching for a steady source of great content for your real estate website, you may be overlooking your greatest asset: Your Listings. People never tire of looking at stunning home decor pictures and descriptions of dream homes. It’s a huge opportunity for...

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Online Marketing Stats

WEB STRATEGY: A web strategy is a strategic web direction for a business. It outlines the most advantageous positioning for the company on the web, the experience it should create for its customers, the brand image it should...

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Launch Real Estate Online Marketing

Developing an online presence — in other words, a core foundation for your online real estate marketing. To launch your real estate online marketing – goes through steps in your overall marketing plan. Once your website is launched, it’s on you to kick your digital...

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